My Story

My weight has yo-yoed for as long as I care to remember. I have been classified as overweight, too skinny and everything in between. Throughout my adolescence I struggled with my weight. As a teenager I struggled with over eating and depression due to a family tragedy.

After many bad habits later I starting getting "healthy" in my late 20s by spending hours in the gym. I became addicted to working out. My outside looked fit but inside I was a train wreck. I crashed and burned trying to maintain my physique on a high carb, low fat, lean protein lifestyle. Talk about an unsustainable! I wound up suffering from amenorrhea from working out too much. Which I now know that this weaken my bone density resulting in a spinal fracture at the age of 27 after falling while roller blading. The injury had me flat on my back for weeks and depressed so I turned to food and packed on the weight.

In the meantime my gym had closed so I gave up on regular exercise after my injury, joined a popular weight loss program where I lost just enough weight to become a lifetime member. My goal there was not eating healthy but to lose enough weight so I would be a lifetime member and not have to pay for meetings anymore. It worked, I restricted my eating and I got down to the high end of the "ideal" weight range however it created an unhealthy eating pattern. I traded the gym to hang out with friends at a local bar. I started a pattern of not eating in order to drink alcohol while partying with my friends. This worked for a while but resulted in some pretty nasty hangovers. My weight continued to yo-yo but I was still within the "ideal" weight range so I was fine, right?

Fast forward after meeting my soulmate and having two amazing children I was able to maintain my “goal” weight but never ever to lose that last 5-10 pounds but I was in a happy marriage so what did I care. I looked thin enough on the outside and concealed my imperfections with clothing. However, I noticed as I got into my 40s, I had no energy and I just did not feel well. I began to look for answers. I thought I found the answer after watching a Vegan Documentary on Netflix and a YouTube video where a physician warned how sugar and diet soda were the enemies. No worries because the physician had a supplement to help you with your carb and sugar cravings. Great!

Now, there was no way I was going Vegan but I did manage to kick my Diet Coke habit and remove added sugars from my diet but I still ate a crazy amount of carbs. My husband and I started taking this "pro-biotic" supplement and for awhile it seemed to help us but was really pricey. I lost a little weight and I looked thinner on the outside but I still struggled with lack of energy and repeated female issues.

Thanks to my love of documentaries, in 2020 I watched the movie that jump started the low carb journey for me and my husband, Fat A Documentary by Vinnie Tortorich. I told my husband about the anti-inflammatory effects of Keto and the magic of the Bulletproof Coffee. He was recovering from a severe injury so he was all for anything to add in his healing. Again, I was “fine” with my current weight so when he asked me if I would do the diet with him, I said sure. Right away my husband and I found success with the diet. He was able to drastically reduce his A1C, lose weight and come off two meds. I saw bonuses as well with losing weight gained due to being in the house under a state stay at home order. After jumping in head first and surviving the "Keto Flu" we stalled about 3 weeks in, which I found out is totally normal. Moving right along, we are doing the diet, practicing intermittent fasting, I was walking a mile every day with our dog.

I was feeling great when one day I tripped on the pavement and broken my right ankle. I thought my weight loss progress was doomed but there was nothing I could do, stuck in a cast and unable to walk, drive and being completely sedentary. While broken I continued to support my husband’s efforts and discovered the joy of low carb/keto cooking and baking using a scooter to amble through the kitchen. I was zealot about my macro tracking and found myself seeking out to learn as much as I could from Keto advocates on YouTube. One month after my injury with my cast off I braved the scale to see how bad the “damage” was at this point in my recovery. I was floored to discover that I lost a 25 pounds since starting the Keto way of eating even while not able to move!

Now after recovering from my injury and almost a year of Keto I began to have digestion issues with some of the ingredients in the recipes and products. I decide to give Carnivore a try. Heck, I was barely eating veggies anyway because of the carbs and my family really does not care to eat them so why not? I joined a 30 day challenge and found the most supportive community ever. I have completely nourished my body back to health with this way of eating. I have also experimented with extended fasts. Between the animal based way of eating and fasting I am the same pant size I was in my late 20s but this time I am not starving! More importantly I feel amazing. I no longer have brain fog, my female issues have resolved, I have amazing energy and I am a lot calmer. I eat all my favorite animal based foods which were previously limited on other diets. I continue to learn things that work best for my body. I also discovered that more importantly my journey and needs are very different from that of my husband or anyone else. There is no one size fits all, we all have our own path, I have found that my calling is to help others discover what works for them to sustain good health for a lifetime.